How are things with your digital business?

Do you struggle with unorganized master data? Do you feel that the requirement for speed combined with a multi-channel approach is hard to achieve and maintain in an ever-changing environment? Or perhaps you’re just tired of loading spinners that seem to last forever?

If you recognize yourself above, CommerceAPI offers all this:

  • A competitive advantage from digital channels through speed, performance and service accessibility
  • A cloud services/micro services layer offering a comprehensive client interface application
  • Business-run digital channel development that’s free of backend processes
  • Market’s only flexible platform that allows digital service development partners to access commercial data and business processes quickly and easily
  • Agile implementation and development capabilities with new commercial service concepts that go beyond the limits of platform capabilities (e-commerce, applications, self-service, portals)
  • Almost endless enterprise process release potential (in logistics, finance, selection management, pricing, product information management, sales…) for digital usage requirements and customer self-service

This is CommerceAPI

- a magical service that makes everything easy!

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Bilot CommerceAPI benefits

Business benefits...

  • Make your customers’ lives easier with zero-hassle digital processes
  • Rapidly develop new digital services across all channels
  • Provide superior performance for your customers
  • Comprehensive self-service capabilities with customer-specific content across channels
  • All the benefits of cloud technology: scalability, flexibility, cost-effectiveness…


...and something a bit more technical:

  • Frontend and API commercial services are significantly quicker, better performing and more reliable

  • Decoupling/headless commerce enables business-run frontend development with less need to involve IT resources 

  • Removal of platform limitations and business-run agile development means new storefronts, services concepts, campaigns and updates with rapid time to market

  • Modern Frontend-backend interfaces mean: 
    • Less need of backend system performance, modernization and integration
    • Separation of frontend development from backend system development cycles

    • No end-to-end process testing required

    • Flexible architecture, division of responsibilities

    • Partner and client systems included in the overall architecture

    • SAP compatibility

Real-life examples

Example 1:

Moving from WebShop owner to a Market Place provider

  • Company's product data is split into many ERP's (several Navision units and SAP). In addition, Company is interested in providing its partner's products in their WebShop. Company has multiple eCommerce storefronts for different customer groups, for example SAP Commerce storefront and headless storefront (Spartacus).
  • Harmonized shopping experience & CommerceAPI:
    • Product data from all ERP's (Company's own and partner ERP's) is pushed into CommerceAPI. The data is restructured and shown in a harmonized manner to customers visiting the Commerce sites.
    • Each customer sees only the products they are entitled to buy and the API updates near real time the product availabilities and delivery routes selected for the shopping basket. 
    • The customer makes only one order and credit card payment. In CommerceAPI, the payment and order is split and sent further to the right ERPs. The customer can follow the delivery(/ies) in the WebShop.      

Example 2:

Super-powering maintenance software and (B2B) WebShop solution 

  • Company has a master data of more than 500.000 pieces of equipment and spare parts in ERP, and additionally, wireless monitoring powered by Azure IOT for some sophisticated features of the already sold and installed equipment (sensor for temperature, vibration, etc) 
  • Maintenance software & CommerceAPI: When visiting the customer, a mechanic uses the maintenance software to locate the equipment, register the spare parts and analyze the sensor data. All this info is near real time data pulled and pushed back to ERP and other relevant sources with simple data calls through CommerceAPI.
  • B2B WebShop (+mobile app) and CommerceAPI:  When customers are visiting the WebShop, they see from the 500.000 items only the ones relevant for them. Each equipment clearly shows the relevant spare parts in micro-seconds. Product master data re-organization is done in CommerceAPI layer as pulling it real time from ERP was too slow to handle. 

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