Regardless of the industry and business volume, everyone talks about customer experience (CX). It is pretty much everywhere you look for reduced churn and improved customer retention. CX has overtaken service and price as the main brand differentiator so customer experience optimization is a no-brainer.

Put simply, CX wraps up all the experiences the customer has on his journey from awareness phase to retention and advocacy. It is a journey with not only behavioural responses, but also cognitive, affective and sensory responses.

What is CX Analytics for?

Customer experience is about the experiences a customer has during his online and offline journey with your companyproducts and services. This journey covers several phases from awareness to retention and advocacy, so in other words from getting to know the company, visiting your website, becoming a loyal customer, to telling about your company to others 

For this there is a saying: whatever is worth doing, is worth measuring. Still many companies pay too little attention into measuring their digital customer experience and business, and even more miss the opportunity to develop it further on the basis of analysis from the measurements and additional customer insightsThis is where Bilot and CX analytics can help you with.  

The end goal of optimizing customer experience of your company is most likely at least improved customer retention. The better you hold on to your customers, and get them to buy more with higher frequencythe more you are likely to reach your business targets. However, customer experience is still not just about retention, but also a good bunch of valuable by-products. Customer experience analytics can be used to increase conversion (buying customers) rate, average order value, share of new sales, and customer lifetime value. For this the return of investment of CX analytics is so high.

Some of the core benefits of CX Analytics are:

CX Analytics helps to improve customer retention rate.

  • validating customer experience from the very first contact point,
  • eliminating guess-work in marketing,
  • increasing sales by discovering and removing barriers within your digital customer journey, and
  • getting deeper understanding of customer personas and their needs to provide better products/services.

Every business benefits from customer experience analytics. And so can you.

From useless digital analytics data to customer insights and business value

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Who is CX Analytics for? 

Any business willing to get more out from its digital business benefits from CX Analytics. There are no minimum levels for data, turnover, traffic volume or such as the service and processes are scalable to any business size and industry.

All available data and its dimensions from any point of customer journey are validated and brought together for maximizing the benefits of CX Analytics, and aimed for 360 degree customer journey mapping. The service scales and is always based on the data available, but the simplified process consists of these phases:

Any business can benefit from CX Analytics.

  • digital data audit and data validation,
    • such as auditing Google Analytics implementation, configurations, and event tracking, 
  • measurement planning,
    • such as a plan for user roles, goals, channels, metrics, data points, selectors etc. for web analytics event tracking setup,
  • digital analytics fix and implementation, and ultimately
    • such as fixing web analytics implementation to meet best practices and all needed data dimensions,
  • getting digital data based customer insights.
    • such as mapping 360 degree customer journey and understanding customers' needs.

Based on the above, to get most out of CX Analytics any digital data is usually enriched with:

  • customer behaviour analysis,
  • website heat maps,
  • mouse recordings, and
  • quantitative and qualitative usability/experience research.

This makes the basis of the CX Analytics the service any business can benefit from.

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