Era of the Modern Data Platform

Technologies have evolved to scalable and high performance Cloud Data Platforms and new high-end reporting tool vendors have emerged.

The approach to data warehousing has also changed due to recognition of Data as a valuable Enterprise Asset which can help companies to gain competitive edge. For this reason companies are obtaining a lot internal and external data in various forms and high volumes and store that centrally in Enterprise Data Vaults so that it can be accessed with any Reporting Tool and utilized for operational and tactical reporting plus for advanced analytics purposes e.g. AI and Machine Learning. Also modelling techniques have become more rule and pattern based which helps in Data Warehouse Automation and governance.

Our Approach

Bilot has been a forerunner in SAP based Analytics Solutions. For the continuation of this success story we have invented a new innovative Cloud Data Warehouse Automation tool -  DW Core™ which runs on  Snowflake or Azure Synapse and has a pre-configured SAP content that can be enhanced with any internal or external data from any sources. Part of the solution is an auto-generation engine for EDW based on Data Vault 2.0 methodology. On top of the high performance Data Warehouse you have freedom to use any Reporting Tool of your choice.

Bilot DW CoreBenefits for you

SAP Data into the Cloud DW

Integrate SAP data into the Cloud Data Platform

DW Coreenables rapid and risk-free implementation of SAP data integration into the Cloud which saves integration costs and decreases  time to value. All sources of data are capable of delivering only the changed data records and heavy, error sensitive full data loads can be avoided. Bilot has already evaluated and selected the proven methods and tools which frees up your time from running the SW selection process.

Predefined SAP Data models

DW Coreenables rapid and risk-free implementation of SAP data models in Data Warehouse. This creates a standardized Data Vault 2.0 data model architecture that helps with the governance, maintenance and further development of the system. It also eliminates the vendor locks. The modelling architecture is the most flexible and scalable to add any new data into the model without need of tearing down anything existing or do the full reloads of data.

SAP Data  Models
DW Core Self-Service Analytics

Self-service analytics

DW Core™ provides ready-to-consume reporting content for several business roles with predefined data sets and KPIs. Business users can use any reporting tool and access trusted data from several storage locations in the warehouse e.g. for improved visibility for data lineage and data quality. For advanced analytics purposes the data scientists can also access the raw data.

Case Foodstuff company

Bilot DW Core™ provides the tools for optimal self-service data utilisation and reporting.

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Bilot DW Core™ Use Cases - to whom is this for?

DW Core to whom is this for?
  • You have SAP ERP and think of most suitable data warehousing solution
  • SAP data is needed in the common data platform
  • You need to combine SAP data with other data in the data platform
  • You need to share SAP data for your partners and other stakeholders
  • You would like to have freedom to use any reporting tool e.g. Power BI
  • You are looking to lower your HW and SW costs and have the flexible scalability of HW resources
  • You are looking to lower the implementation and solution maintenance costs by having Data Warehouse Automation
  • You need to have better scalability and governance in your DW solution
  • Your business users need to be empowed with reporting self service
  • You value quick results instead of lengthy projects
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