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Businesses are facing a rare chance for accelerating their digital leap when moving into SAP S/4HANA. Transition to S/4HANA is a big investment to any company. Making this investment into state of the art tools is not just technical upgrade but an opportunity to revise and improve your core business processes and digital core. The champions of tomorrow are actively seeking ways how to benefit from S/4HANA investment to boost their business transformation. S/4HANA core value propositions relates to simplification, visibility, speed and openness, these are the characteristics required to cope in increasingly changing and digitalized environment. S/4HANA is not a silver bullet to business challenges, but enabler for further innovation and business development.

Questions you need to answer:

  • Is your S/4 roadmap just a cost or are you considering also your company's top line by building tomorrow's business?
  • Are you considering in your roadmap how to achieve commercial excellence over the competition or is your S/4 roadmap just an IT exercise?
  • What capabilities and competencies do you need in order to make your S/4 roadmap a success?
  • Are you planning for greenfield or brownfield implementation, or would you be interested in hybrid approach per process area?

S/4 expertise tailored to your needs



Every S/4HANA roadmap is unique. However - one thing is common - you can not deliver S/4HANA roadmap successfully or reach your business transformation goals if you think your roadmap can be run by an anonymous machine from the other side of the planet. Your business deserves a tailored approach that our dream team can offer alongside SAP's RISE with SAP offering. No matter if you are running a medium or large business we are able to bring you the best local expertise from Bilot to support your S/4HANA movement.


How we can help

Before the project:

  • Support for building your S/4 Business Case

  • Estimate the process area specific implementation efforts, business opportunities and recommended implementation approaches

  • Digital business transformation roadmap with commercial excellence focus

  • Support for S/4 driven Enterprise Architectures

  • Licensing

  • Old ERP housekeeping and master data preparation

  • Custom application and S/4 readiness check

  • S/4 playgrounds to support the analysis and planning

During the project:

  • Full S/4HANA turnkey delivery

  • Selective process design and reimplementation

  • Experienced local lead consultants for any process area

  • Integrations and custom application management

  • ABAP code adjustments for S/4 HANA

  • Quality assurance and support for the customer organization

  • Test automation and management

  • Project Management

  • Master data cleansing

Business process transformation for commercial excellence:

  • Process innovation and service design e.g. supply chain, plant maintenance, sales, service.

  • Sales and service transformation

  • User experience improvement with Fiori and custom applications

  • Analytics and data architecture

  • Integrations

After the project:

  • Application Management Services

  • Continuous innovation and development

  • Continuous automated testing

  • Platform optimization

  • SAP PCoE (Partner Center of Excellence) product support

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Your potential dream team



We can offer you the dream team for your S/4 transformation with 200+ local consultants extended with our  global S/4 transformation leader capabilities

  • 60+ functional consultants covering all SAP process areas (order-to-cash, plan-to-product, procure-to-pay, request-to-service, record-to-report)

  • 60+ technical SAP consultants covering all aspects of your landscape (basis, abap, integration, user interfaces, forms)

  • 30+ analytics experts

  • 50+ digital customer experience experts (SAP C/4, Azure, AWS)

  • Project managers, service designers and business analysts

How we have helped customers to justify their S/4 investments

Faster invoicing, improved visibility and better customer service

Bilot implemented field service management solution on top of S/4 including the whole service process; ticket handling, scheduling, work reporting and invoicing. Significantly improving invoicing cycles and customer service levels.

Realtime business through eCommerce

Bilot implemented eCommerce and customer service platform for B2B customers. eCommerce solution was integrated tightly to S/4 master data, order-to-cash processes and provides customers with up-to-date availability and pricing information. Providing easy to use 24/7 channel for sales and product information.

Realtime service business insights

Bilot implemented service business reporting on-top-of SAP S/4 and SAP C/4 data using the capabilities of HANA based CDS views. Providing visibility to contract level revenue and cost streams, product and brand level service volumes. Enabling business controllers with access to real time data to drive more profitable business.

Why Bilot?

Five reasons to choose us

  1. Flexible
  2. Biggest local SAP team
  3. Innovative approach for the transformation
  4. Quality
  5. Business benefits

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