Why Bilot PIM?

Bilot has launched a partnership with
inriver PIM.
This move is about making us an even better partner for our customers in building their digital customer experience and commercial excellence. 
The inriver PIM Adaptor for SAP Commerce Cloud is now available on SAP Store.
Delivering scalability, performance, analytics, and ease of use to drive commerce. Read all about it here.

We have been working in the field of product information management since the very beginning of our journey, but now we are taking the next step with one of the leading PIM solutions in the world.

We believe product content is the best salesperson ever.
Product information is the fuel that drives marketing, customer experience and sales process execution.

We ask three simple questions:

 Is your Product Information rich enough to support all your commercial & process needs?

Are the tools, processes and responsibilities related to managing Product Information up-to-date and clear in your organization?

 Do you have Product Information from all your business units harmonized in one central place from where it can be shared to other systems, customers, partners, marketplaces and other 3rd parties?

If the answer to any of these questions is “No”, we can help you.
Reach out to us to hear more about our services and solutions in the area of product information management, now stronger than ever with inriver PIM.

Do you want to

drive revenue at every touchpoint!?

Choose a suitable time
and let us convince you and your team!

Yes, absolutely!

Benefits from high-quality
product information

  • Maximizing the potential value of products
  • From data charts to stories around the product
  • Workflow and efficiency

...and some more:

  • Improved and optimized processes
  • Automated tasks
  • Product information process control and transparency
  • Better allocation of resources
  • Single source of truth
  • More markets and channels
  • Many ready-made connectors for other technologies
  • More effective sales and marketing planning
  • Better customer experience
  • Easier cooperation for all involved
  • Customization & Scalability
  • All product information up to date
  • Saves up to 70% time compared to before
  • Workflow and product information readiness to guide work
  • Excellent traceability / metrics to support decision making

So, how to get started?

Rumbin Jussi, Lead Consultant

+358 44 970 8965

Years of Bilot's market-leading
B2B expertise for you!

Verified in large-scale international B2B operations
Battle tested in multiple different IT environments
Pragmatic use cases -  Loved by Business & IT

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