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Your customers value ease of buying and ease of ownership of the equipment you manufacture.​
Trying to meet the expectation by relying on high-touch human sales and traditional maintenance offerings is costly and difficult to scale.

Your customers will be loyal to whoever provides best value and experiences across the lifecycle of your equipment.​
Competing by price alone is not an option. Someone else will always win that game.

A top-notch digital sales and service channel is essential to exceeding customer expectations and boosting your sales growth.
Building such a digital experience can be a huge undertaking if you start designing and developing everything from scratch.

Bilot’s Digital Sales Accelerator for Manufacturing is designed to reduce your time-to-value on this journey.
You will quickly get up to speed with a solid platform addressing specifically the needs of industrial companies and their professional buyers and service partners.

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  •  Rapid time-to-market​ with a modern, high-performance e-commerce and online service channel

  • Unique features not found in off-the-shelf B2B commerce platforms 
  • A unified customer facing channel bridging your internal business units for new equipment sales, after sales and maintenance
  • Flexibility to quickly adapt and scale to the evolving needs coming from the customers and your business development need

Key features

  • Rich product data for easy navigation and exploration of your product lines, with promotion of compatible accessories and spare parts

  • Up-selling of Spare Part Kits for increased margins 

  • Product substitution proposals for 
    discontinued products to support customers across the lifecycle of your products

  • Realtime equipment insight with IoT sensor data and alerts

  • Spare parts, service history and equipment tech specs easily available 

  • Realtime orders and shipment tracking with easy access to delivery documents and invoices

The Digital Sales Accelerator package is a rapid starter kit, designed to reduce your time-to-value by leveraging pre-developed functionality relevant for your business. 

Included in the package:

  • an SAP Commerce Cloud site boosted with our Accelerator
    • Enhanced with the unique features of our Digital Sales Accelerator for Manufacturing Business
  • 12-16 weeks fixed price project with the following work packages and deliverables:
    • Service design – service vision, intended outcomes, persona descriptions, key capabilities to deliver
    • Requirements & integration architecture – detailed design of development needed 
    • Development roadmap – an actionable plan for incremental, agile roll-outs of functionality to your users
    • First go-live – the first iteration of your new digital sales channel is live with most important features enabled *​ 

Other additions we offer

  • We offer an optional real-time integration layer called CommerceAPI built on a modern microservice architecture

Fixed package delimitations

  • The first go-live included in the fixed-price package includes a selection of the full feature set. 
  • Based on the design phase, we jointly agree on the prioritization of features based on business value and complexity of integration to your existing a systems and data sources

Why Bilot?

SAP-qualified partner-packaged solution

The Digital Sales Accelerator for Manufacturing has been reviewed and approved as an SAP-Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution for SAP® Commerce Cloud.
An SAP-Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution is an integrated solution leveraging SAP market leading software and innovations, together with partner services, specialist knowledge, and IP, in order to deliver rapid time to value, low risk, and high predictability projects at highly affordable price points.

Bilot is a visionary full stack SAP CX powerhouse with years of experience and an amazing customer base. They have great growth potential and are one of our elite partners worldwide.

-Frank Schoutissen, SAP Global Head Channel and Alliances



Our e-commerce implementations

We’ve implemented around 50 large-scale e-commerce projects for various businesses.

To combine the e-commerce platform and ERP integration, we offer an integration layer called

CommerceAPI is available as part of our overall service, or it can be delivered separately, always tailored for your specific needs.

e-commerce for B2B companies

80% of our implementations are B2B webstores which allow customers to order the products they need more and more smoothly as a self-service.

Product recommendations based on purchase and installation history help the customer to place the right order. This reduces contact with customer service, speeds up the order-supply chain and improves customer experience.


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Arto Saarinen, SAP Finland

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